Credit Card Payments


In the form of this digitalized time we use plastic money as a main form for payments. Transacting through the plastic money or paying it via digital form i.e, by Mobile wallets, UPI or by Wallet Payment banks.

So Here is a process of getting your credit card bills paid Plus get a guarantee cashback in your card.

CRED – most rewarding credit card bill payment app – Apps on Google Play

CRED is a members-only platform that celebrates the creditworthy of society. Any member who has an Experian/ CRIF score greater than our eligibility score, is welcome on CRED. CRED offers exclusive rewards, brand upgrades and experiences for it’s members that are redeemable upon clearing their credit card bills through CRED.

This is an app made through Dreamplug Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in which, if we pay our credit card bills we will receive reward point in the form of cashback. And these reward point is redeemed in the form of money and get paid back to our cards.

The Process is simple:-

  • Install the app from your Google Play Store if you are Android User (Link is been provided for your support).
  • And further process is shown below.

Extra Benefits.

Its simple the more you pay more you win.